A Children’s Art Studio


Golnart Studio is a place from where we start our artistic journey with our backpacks full of our life experience and knowledge, our stories, memories and dreams. We have keen eyes to explore, open minds to interpret, and beating hearts to feel.

Our first destination to discover is ourselves as we step into our inner worlds, which then leads us to our surroundings; from the land we live on, to the people surrounding us, to the city we have been building, up to the sky, and down to the seas.

We'll explore and expand our minds as we visit libraries, museums, and communities around us.

We'll swim a little in the mass media sea, and surf a bit on the internet!

Our eyes now shine, our minds are powerful, our hearts are full of love and compassion. Coming back to ourselves again, we jump into our final destination that is our own personal, fantastical imagination where we bring our rich artistic ideas to life with our skillful hands!